Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goddaughter and other births

Wow, I haven't updated in a while! SORRY! Warning, there is talk of infant loss in this post.

My goddaughter was born on July 6 at 4:14 PM. She is perfect. We finally got the call at around 5:30 PM and we immediately went to the hospital to meet her. Mom was tired and groggy after the surgery. We were the only family that they allowed to visit that night.

T is adorable. While Mom slept and Dad went to make a round of phone call and emails, I got to hold her for an hour just mesmerized by how tiny she is and how easy it was to hold her.

We have seen them about once a week since then. She is mostly on formula because my sister-in-law is having problems with her milk. My brother-in-law sends me the cutest photos every day of her. I am in complete love with her!

Almost a week later, my DEAREST friend S gave birth. S has had a rough time of it, having suffered from infertility for years. She is my rock. Baby J is here and I cannot be more thrilled to have him in my life too!

Finally... some sad news. My other 'rock' friend miscarried. This was her fourth and final IVF. As much as I am ecstatic for the two babies born in July breathing their first breath, I am shattered that my friend was not so lucky. They will not be trying again. Journey over.

Three babies born this month. I love them all.

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