Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Official bucket list

This will get updated as I add more and more things on here!
  1. Learn how to sew and make my own blouse. (03/11)
  2. Learning how to train or foster care of seeing eye dogs/rescue dogs. Need to do this with one dog. (03/11)
  3. Visit all the continents. Layover doesn't count. Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe North America South America (03/11)
  4. Volunteer with a relief organization for 6 months abroad. (03/11)
  5. Swim in a shark cage. (03/11)
  6. See the Northern Lights. (03/11)
  7. Participate in the Tomatina fight in Spain. (03/11)
  8. Do a CN Tower stair climb for charity (something I've done once and said I'd never do again). (03/11)
  9. Get a makeover. Hair, makeup, attire! (03/11)
  10. Picnic lunch in Paris with J. (03/11) DONE April 2011
  11. Take a baking/cooking course in France. (03/11)
  12. Go to Comic-Con. (03/11)

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