Friday, March 25, 2011


AF has not arrived.

I only have expired pregnancy tests at home, ones that I have inherited from happy pregnant folk who needed not to POAS anymore. They are expired because we've been trying for three years.

I used my last Internet cheapie on Wednesday.

I peed on a First Response one... No lines at all (not even a control one).

I peed on another First Response one... BFN.

I peed on a Clearblue one... Positive. Two lines. BFP!

I peed on another FR... BFN.

I peed on another Clearblue... BFP.

I am in the car on the way to the hospital. I am late and stuck in traffic and holding a little Tupperware full of FMU. I'm sure once I tell them this they will do a pregnancy test. In the meantime DH will buy sone tests from the pharmacy and I'll dip and wait.

Someone has either a sense of humour or is incredibly cruel.

Remember these are all on expired tests. By three years.

Did I tell you I am late for my admitting appointment?


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    First off Hugs...

    Secondly Wow what I roller coaster....

    Third, I am praying you call later and say that they canceled your surgery cause your pregnant!!!

  2. OMG I am crossing everything for you that it is a true BFP. Keep us posted. Thinking of you.