Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The startings of a bucket list

I love lists. I get teased at work for having lists strewn about my desk. My to do lists have boxes beside their items, waiting for that tick mark to denote its completion.

One that I am working on right now is my bucket list. What does this does have to do with my infertility? I really feel that I have put my life on hold completely for three years. I held myself financially hostage. Every penny I spent was a penny I was taking away from an IVF cycle.

This year I've decided to break out of that, and live a little. I think it will do me some good.

I need to work on some things that I can do locally while I wait for my surgery and subsequent IVF cycle. Many of my items are travel ones, since I love to travel.

I would love to learn how to sew. I am continually inspired by some of the amazing creations that I have seen coming from a few of you readers! I think I will take sewing lessons.

I would love to learn how to train a seeing eye dog or a search and rescue dog. Or at least somehow help in that process.

My travel ones off the top of my head are:
- to go to Africa
- to volunteer with a relief organization for 6 months
- to go in a shark cage (yeah really)
- to see the Northern Lights

I have less exotic places that I would like to go see but those four stand out.

I told J that he should make a bucket list too. He refuses to call it a bucket list on the basis that it makes him think about his death. I told him to call it a list that he needs to complete before he gets too old to do them. I'm not entirely sure that thrills him either!

Right away, he mentioned learning how to fence. I found a local academy that does instruction, and so I've purchased 8 private lessons + 6 group classes for him. He is really excited. I think he thinks this will make him into a Muskateer. I will have to get him a suitable outfit.

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