Monday, March 7, 2011

Cutting back on supplements

I ended up getting another migraine today. It was amusing because I was organizing a luncheon for 100 at work, and I was the MOST clumsiest person ever. I was helping to serve the cake and I ended up with cake on both sleeves. I took my blazer off and two minutes later got icing on my shirt. In the boob area. :lol:

All the while I was pretty clueless and other people had to point it out. How embarrassing.

At least the pain didn't really hit until I got back to my desk. I was only suffering from the stupidity/confusion part of the migraine.

I am going to cut back one at a time my supplements to see if I can figure out which one it is. First one to toss is the choline and inositol capsule. I suspect this might be the one based on what I've read online.

I really don't think it is because of food. But I did cheat at lunch. Manicotti, and a slice of cake. Oh wheat, why do you make such tasty things? (you too cheese)

Today is Day 12 of my cycle. I know I should just give it a rest and not think about conceiving (since with my blocked tubes it is virtually impossible) but the overachiever/planner/optimist/limited intellectual in me is still saying go for it! The last time I'll be able to conceive naturally. From this point on it's $13,000 a try.

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