Friday, February 25, 2011


I love to self-diagnose, but I know I shouldn't. But here it is anyways... I have a migraine.

Wow my head hurts. I also have NO desire to eat. I didn't have time for breakfast. I bought my lunch (a salad) and it's sitting beside me half eaten.

This is REALLY abnormal for me. I -love- to eat. I have no desire for anything right now.

I've been doing some reading (anyone who knows me knows I tend to research the crap out of things online) and it is definitely a migraine. My neck was really stiff one-two days ago (a common symptom in the prodome phase). No aura phase although I do feel that my sight is a bit blurry. The aura phase only happens in 20% of cases.

I am in the headache phase now but easing towards the postdrome phase. The site below describes all of the phases, and I love this symptom in the postdrome phase - "lowered intellect" :)

I hope this is a one time thing and not something that is going to occur regularly when AF arrives. I also hope that this has nothing to do with perimenopause, which it could. Because I am not ready for menopause.

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